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Tile flooring is timeless and is the absolute choice for homes or offices that have high foot traffic. Tiles can be installed in any area of your home or office especially in wet areas like porches, swimming pool, wash rooms and other areas that have chances of remaining damp as they do not retain water. Tile is a multipurpose material as it can utilized for both walls and floor. It has longevity and is very durable as it does not burn and can resist frost.

Tile flooring is safe as it can treat to a coat of anti slip solution to prevent slips and falls. It is effortless to maintain tile flooring and can be washed with water at regular intervals. Installing tile flooring in your home or office in Phoenix and Tucson ensures your family and your staff a very healthy environment free from bacteria.

Tiles are generally classified into two variances:

  • Ceramic Tiles – These tiles are made from red or white clay that is molded or fried in a kiln. These tiles are glazed to give it exclusive shine, color and durability. The sturdiness and durability of the tile depends on the quality of the glaze used. Glaze is a blend of ground glass and metal oxides.
  • Porcelain Tiles – These tiles are made from extremely refined clay that is administered to severe heat. They are ideal for use in high foot traffic areas as they have a rough surface and can withstand damage from frost, water and fire.

Express Home Services is the most recommended flooring provider in Phoenix and Tucson as

  • We have skilled staff who will guide you to purchase sublime tile flooring that will suit your home or office.
  • Our technicians undergo a thorough drug and back ground check and are experienced to provide fine quality services.
  • We charm all our clients by thrilling them with great offers and discounts at "Online Specials".
  • We have a wide spread variety of exclusive tile flooring from select brands at feasible prices as we market them to you directly from the manufacturer.
  • We have an splendid option" Online in home free estimate form" that gives you the leverage to make a call or fill in your details to choose superior Tile flooring at the convenience of your home or office.
  • Our technicians will bring the store to your home and enable you to choose flawless Tile flooring that will blend in with your interiors.
  • Our caption "Lifetime installation warranty" for Tile flooring in Phoenix and Tucson guarantees you receive value for your money.
  • We ensure next day installation for our in stock Tile flooring in Phoenix and Tucson.

For a free tile flooring and installation estimate in Phoenix and Tucson click here or call us at 877-358-8101 now! Our sales expert would be very pleased to assist you in purchasing the best tiles for your home or office.

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